SACRA MUSIC now enter the game music market!
Through game music, we'll support bringing games to the wider world.
Established in April 2017 as an independent label within Sony Music Labels, SACRA MUSIC specializes in anime songs and other music genres. The label will finally enter the game music market as SACRA GAME MUSIC in the summer of 2023!
SACRA MUSIC has been using the terms "Ani-POP" (animation music) and "Game-POP" (game music), and the slogan "JAPAN to the World," as the label expands its business worldwide.
●A-POP=Ani-POP Anime Songs
We'll provide the following support.
  • ●Management of Game Music
    Manage various game companies, game titles, and creators' game music. They support tasks such as collecting royalties, handling master recordings, and assisting with necessary applications and registrations.
  • ●Management Services
    Provide management and support services for of "G-POP" creators.
  • ●Support for Music Production
    We support music producers and artists through booking, recording, mastering, and all other services necessary for music production.
  • ●Distribution & Release
    Support for distributing "G-POP" (game music) major platforms that are unique to various territories including Apple Music, Spotify, and others. Assist with registration to download services, and execution of promotions.
  • ●Domestic and International Events
    • Booking artists to perform on stage at gaming conventions and E-Sports events globally.
    • Organizing events related to G-POP, such as international game creator events.
  • ●Artist Merchandise / Production and Sales
    Create, sell, and distribute merchandise related to games and creators.
Partner company:Phoenixx

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